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Thanks Brock!  This is amazing stuff and I really apprecdiate it.  Although I have yet to try all your ideas above, what I have found is that I underestimated the dificulty of modulating the rate with my foot via exp pedal.  My initial thought was that I could simply set pitch to unison, modulate rate (speed) with my foot and then use internal modulation in the algorithms to introduce a little randomization of depth & rate.  But, the  reality is that you can’t move your foot like you can your hand, not even close.  I’ve found that, most often, I am changing the pitch with my hand at a rate of anywhere from 80 to 180 BPM to get that subtle sway.  You can’t do this accurately with your foot.  It’s way too crude.  Yet, I remain convinced that it can be done with the H9 or rack EFX.  I actually have 2 x H9 Max but I’d prefer to use only one to achieve this effect. 

So, if I can’t use my foot to modulate pitch via Exp pedal, then I’m incined to reverse the equation and set pitch to modulate around a sine wave and use the exp pedal (or additional modulation internal to the algorithm) to introduce a more organic feel in depth and rate.  So, going from this perspective, what do you think would be the best method/ algorithm to:

1.) Set pitch to unison & modulate via sine wave at a given depth (I think + or – 50 cents is a good starting point) and rate

2.) Introduce some way to randomize or modulate the above parameters slightly via exp pedal (maybe even envelope?).  Envelope  might work as you are typically fading the vibrato effect (think Gilmore chords/ notes) where the bigsby/ trem effect is stronger at 1st but your hand naturally fades it.

Ideally, if algorithm could accomplish all of above, you could use pedal for mix only.  Then, you would not have the always on effect.  You could bring it in via the Exp pedal (or maybe a switch?)  I’m really just brainstorming here but my original premise that foot could control rate was wrong.