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mitchroutman wrote:

I believe that is the version I'm running on, I'll confirm that as soon as I can. I've checked around for maybe bugs with switches on that version/that version's beta. 

I was just playing with the latest TimeFactor beta and an Aux Switch.  Could you take a screenshot of your aux switch configuration screen in H9 Control and post it to this thread?  I realized when I was playing around with H9 Control that I didn't understand what pedal functions you had mapped to which aux switches.

You wrote:

mitchroutman wrote:

I would love for two switches to be Bank +/- (preferably on the aux switch) and my TF to activate presents 1 and 2 and the left switch tap tempo though, hold would be fine to.

In H9 Control if you assign Increment preset to Footswitch 1 and Decrement preset to Footswitch 2 and put your TimeFactor in bank mode, then the two aux switches will increment the Bank +/- and your TF will activate presets 1 and 2.  You won't be able to tap tempo at the same time on the TimeFactor though, because that function is in performance mode.  If you were using a 3 button aux switch instead, you would be able to assign Tap Tempo to the 3rd aux switch.