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Below are the steps for converting your H9 Core into a mirror image of your H9 Max.

In order to do this you’ll have to own both units and if you sell the h9 core it’ll loose it’s presets, once registered to the new owner, unless they’ve purchased all of the algorithms installed and/or also own an H9 Max.

1.  Launch the H9 Control Applicatioin

2.  Register your H9 units to your account.

3.  Once the units are registered to your account select “Preset Lists” (at bottom of H9 Control App)

4.  On the left of the page you should see icons for your “PC” and, directly under it, icons

    for each of your H9 Devices.

5.  Select the H9 Max unit (identified by it’s serial number) and select “Save To PC” at top of H9 Control App.

6.  Once saved select “PC” then select “Save to Pedal”

7.  After selecting “Save To Pedal” you’ll be prompted to select the pedal you’d like to load the

    presets to.

8.  Select the H9 Core (based on it’s serial No.) and execute the transfer.

9.  That’s it !

Hope this helps…….