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lordradish wrote:

Right, I suspect that for many users, they are just using one input source. Having a master output level in the options (with the option to enable/disable) would be useful… if fact, it would be useful if you had more than one input source, because it would enable you to compensate… if I’m using a high output bass, I could set it one way, then if I have a passive guitar, I could set it another way.

In that case you don’t need a master output volume but an input volume/boost/trim setting. A passive bass might overload the input. A soft piezo pickup might need a boost or even another input impedance. Not sure if there is an input trim already on the H9 or if it is possible to change the input impedance on the H9 for piezo pickups (some need 10 Meg ohm).

As for presets having the same levels: best is to use your ears and not your eyes. It is not possible to have the a same general output because it depends on the effect you are usingand  how it reacts to different input gains of different guitars or instruments. Eventide doesn’t know what guitars you are going to use.