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medway wrote:

Hi I'm just comparing some of the presets in both the plugin and hardware. I noticed on the hardware on one of the presets there is a band with a Freq setting of 300 cents and then the Note at F#3. When combined this of course results in an A3.


On the plugin since there is no cents field the value just shows A3.


Is there a reason why the hardware uses a Cents offset and MIDI note rather than just directly using A3 in the Note field?




Hi Medway, I'm not sure why some of the H3000 presets are set up like that.  The H3000 Band Delays plug-in supports both note and cents, but only to +-100 cents.  For these presets in the H3000 we converted F#3+300c to A3, as you noticed, because it's just as accurate, but we thought it was clearer.  Either way it makes the same sound.