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gkellum wrote:

silver_mica wrote:

I purchased an H9 Max and then later purchased an H9 Core. I believe both are registered to the same account. I have them both connected via Bluetooth through the app. However, when I click restore purchases I got a message saying ” no iTunes purchases were found.” So, the H9 Core remains a Core. Although, if I use my iPad and have it connected I can share algorithms – but only if I have the iPad connected. What aam I doing wrong?

In H9 Control click on the Settings button in the bottom right hand corner of the app and go to Eventide Account. That will show you what Eventide account you’re logged into, what devices are registered to that account, and what algorithms are in your account as well as where they came from.  If what you see there doesn’t correspond to what you’d expect and you need help sorting things out, please send an email to support@eventide.com with the serial numbers of your H9s.

All is fine.  What I did was copy all presets from the H9 Max to my iPad then over to the H9 Core  –  now I can turn the Core off and back on and I have the same Algorithms (as well as presets) as the Max.   Perhaps at the point of registering and updating firmware for both boxes the algorithms were aready shared – causing a bit of confusion when I tried sharing.    

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Thanks for the fast reply.  

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