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lou bourbon
gkellum wrote:

I talked to a couple of our DSP engineers about what you’re trying to do.  They said updating may help with your problem.  The newer releases have a MIDI Clock filter option which will give a better representation of the incoming tempo value.  They also said that the ModFactor’s LFOs can drift off tempo eventually due to small mathematical errors that add up over time.  One thing you can do is to retrigger the LFOs by tapping the tap button.

Thank you for the help. I’ve got the original owner of the ModFactor to deregister the pedal so I’m set on that one and will begin updating later today. 

The clocking issue though concerns me. If I can reclock the pedal by tapping it, why can’t engineers reclock the pedal to the incomming midi clock every 4 beats (or so)? Why even have a midi clock option at all if the clock won’t work correctly due to drift? This seems really strange to me….and if the clock feature will have the same problems on the Time Factor…why is something like an arpegiator even included if it will not stay in time with a MIDI clock. This is very worrysome to me…

Perhaps what I’m trying to do can be accomplished well enough with the updates…I sure hope so. The purchase of these pedals was completely predicated on the idea that they would stay in time with a midi clock, something I asked Eventide support about BEFORE purchasing them.