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lou bourbon

Yeah…that ain’t working either.

The second version I’ve downloaded is giving me the same problem…no MIDI CLOCK IN is  recognized. I THINK I have the settings correct….I set it up yesterday and got it to work…but now nothing.

MIDI Clock In is ON

MIDI Clock out is OFF. 


MIDI OUTPUT is THRU …although it does not matter which setting I have it on, THRU or XMT…the thing won’t respond.

Yesterday I was able to get this working correctly very easily. Setting tempo in the Beat Buddy allowed me to adjust BPM on the ModFactor and the speed adjustment knob changed the parameters from HZ  to something that was working off the Clock input….Now I have no MIDI clock capabilities after “upgrading”. 

I do have MIDI through capabilities so I know my new cables are good….although EVEN with the MIDI THROUGH enabled…to control the clock on my SLICER…the BPMs quickly get off track….start beating to something completely different.