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lou bourbon



Seems like the bugs are working out of the system and I’m now getting clock sync pretty good…although when I switch through some of the 10 effects, it will screw around with the clockgoing THRU the pedal and I have to unplug the main clock to get the Slicer synced up again….that’s a pain. I may resolve that problem by using a MIDI splitter and sendint clock signals to each unit separately. That will mean I only have to mess with the Eventide ModFactor to get settings correct.

It APPEARS from the LED display that the ModFactor is compensating for beats occasionally because the lights will quickly beat out of time for 2 beats and appears to re-sync every 4-8 measures ort so. Maybe it’s something else…

Anyway…I’m a bit happier now. I;ve been playing one measure of music for about 40 minutes now and at least the flange function seems to be staying in time with the clock now. It certainly wasn’t with the original settings…

And I did upgrade to the latest software version. Thank you.