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lou bourbon


After spending a bit more time with the pedal all I can say is that I’m SUPER disappointed in the engineering of the unit.

MIDI THRU does not work correctly. It works…but it drifts in a way that simply hooking up a clock to the Slicer simply does not. That means there is something incorrect about the MIDI clock signal passing through the ModFactor.

And while the pedal works a bit more correctly (with the upgrade)  as far as effect speed is concerned…it is still in no way correct. When I can physically match up a non midi FLANGE pedal speed to the beat of what I’m playing, but can’t get that done correctly with something that claims to have digital control over a clock or speed mechanism…then that’s bad…REALLY BAD.  I’m clearly no engineer but how can something that has a speed control AND MIDI Clock control NOT have the ability to sync up its effect pattern to  a master clock? The Boss Slicer has no problem with this function at all…with the Eventide, it’s clearly science that has not been perfected yet by the engineering team….perhaps trying to do far too much and overlooking some simple basics. 


As far as I can assertain, there is no way to establish the downbeat on the effect. It seems the  Active switch simply bypasses the effect and sends signal straight through…it does not turn the effect off. When the switch is pushed again to activate, it simply picks up where the effect left off in an incorrect patten as before. Using the TAP switch can sometimes help depending on effect but it’s got a weird kick in to it and on something like a square wave patterned effect, it’s a bitch to get correctly lined up in a measure of music….and of course the effect drifts quickly or doesn’t establish correct speed right off the bat. It’s close….but close does not count when you are talking about rhythm. 

Man….I’m really surprised at the poor performance of this pedal in the MIDI clock catagory. As stated before….the effects are amazing….but the MIDI functionality as far as transmitting signal through is TOTALLY botched and the Clock speed af far as effects are concerned is basically useless if it doesn’t work perfectly. If I was just going for sound…this pedal would be fine….but I wanted it as a functional tool and it seems to fail miserably in this regard.