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Pizzamonster wrote:

Then I exit SYSTEM and while in BANK mode I try my GCP switch six and it will work great turning the preset on and off….The problem is hen I go to another preset to send Midi. It will work but my previous setting is gone and unrespobsive to pedal 6 on my GCP.

I'm not sure I understand.  You go to 'another preset to send MIDI' on what?  You're switching to another preset on the GCP?  Unfortunately, no one at Eventide knows the GCP very well.  Voodoo Labs makes great stuff, and I'm sure it's a great product. But it would be important to know what a preset even is on the GCP…

What would probably be the best thing to do with this sort of problem is to connect the MIDI cable that was going into the PitchFactor to a computer and look at what's being sent into the PitchFactor.  You can use MIDI Monitor on Mac and MIDI Ox on Windows to do this.  Usually, these sorts of problems are pretty easy to figure out once you can actually see what MIDI messages are or are not being sent.