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Thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded Midi-OX and connected my PF to the USB port on my PC…..that just confuses me…lol It leaves me with more questions than answers…Don’t I need a different connection?


I’m sorry for not explaining myself better. I’m wanting to know, from the pitchfactor’s point of view, a detailed, step by step, midi assignment procedure. I’m not sure if I am changing things to much, not changing things enough or off-setting things?

What I should have said instead of “ I go to another preset to send Midi” is I try another switch (let’s call it switch 7) on my GCP (after I assign midi from the PF to it) and it will communicate to the PF. Now switch 7 works fine but switch 6 no longer communicates with the PF

It almost seems like the PF only allows me to receive only ONE MIDI change. Is this something that could happen? Or am I not finalizing a step in programming a MIDI change?



I have been going crazy trying to figure this out…..Can anyone give me some help that uses a VL-GCP?