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Pizzamonster wrote:

Thanks for the quick reply. I downloaded Midi-OX and connected my PF to the USB port on my PC…..that just confuses me…lol It leaves me with more questions than answers…Don't I need a different connection?

Yes, you need a different connection.  I meant that it would be helpful to see the MIDI events going into the PitchFactor.  I think you said that PitchFactor is connected to the output of the Digidesign Eleven Rack.  So that would mean connecting the cable coming out of the Digidesign Eleven Rack so that you can see exactly is coming out of the Eleven Rack and running into the PitchFactor.  I didn't see any problems with how you configured your PitchFactor.  So, I was thinking it was more likely that what is actually coming out of the Eleven Rack is different than what you are expecting.  (Keep in mind that I'm not trying to blame this problem on the Eleven Rack;  that's just the last step of the connection chain…)

Pizzamonster wrote:

Now switch 7 works fine but switch 6 no longer communicates with the PF… It almost seems like the PF only allows me to receive only ONE MIDI change.

You certainly should be able to have different MIDI messages assigned to different switches and be able to have them do different things to the PitchFactor…  People do this all the time…  The GCP is a lot more flexible though than most MIDI controllers.  So, the upfront difficulty of getting it set-up correctly is greater…  


You might want to use H9 Control to double check your PitchFactor's MIDI settings…  It sounds like you've been changing its settings in the system settings mode.  You can use H9 Control to do that as well, and it makes everything easier to understand because it's not limited by the small display…


You can download H9 Control from our support page.  You'll just need to have your PitchFactor connected to your computer via USB: