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So forgive me if I’m wrong nickrose, so you are telling me that I can’t assign a preset to turn on/off (Active) with a Midi switch then assign another preset to turn on/off (Active) with another Midi switch using two different CC mesages from my GCP to te PF? I can do that very thing with my 11 Rack, and my G Major 2 from my GCP.

I do not want to have my harmonies ON all the time. In a program change that is what will occur. I want to turn on/off a PF preset on top of my clean sound & my distorted sounds that I have engaged from my 11 Rack.


Your Advice

I bypassed the 11 Rack and went straight into the PF. Then I took your advice and factory reset the PF (4 times)  and I still have the same problem. Then I reset my GCP (4 tmes) and went over everything…Midi Channel, CC Messages, Program Changes ect. and I know the GCP is working fine. 

Then I hooked up the 11 Rack and the GCX and they responded on different CC messages from my GCP. All instant access switches are set accordingly (1-8) and they send the correct Midi CC’s and Program Changes to activate the Eleven Rack and the GCX.


Like stated originally, I have read through this entire forum looking for someone that shares my dilema and by doing so, I have found a handful of GCP users, so I know I’m not alone. Will a GCP user please help me…I just simply need to know if you were to setup a PF to change 2 separate presets (to turn on and off  – Active) with any Midi controller (using 2 separate switches)….What would your exact procedure be?