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beedoola wrote:

I sold a PF a few years ago but saved my presets in a sysex dumb in case I ever got another. Well I got another PF today and I want to load the presets into my PF but how do I do it?

I tried using the H9 software but all it does is load the presets from the .syx file into a larger pool of presets, or so I think, for each category/Mode type – so Diatonic, Harmodular, Pitch Flex, etc.

The presets in my PF .syx dumb aren't named and picking through the presets would be a pain. 

is there a way to just load the .syx file, and thus all my presets, onto the Pitchfactor with the H9 Control? 

H9 Control should load the presets as individual presets but also as a preset list.  Check in the Preset List section of H9 Control to see if there's a preset list named PitchFactor something…  That will be the imported preset list.  You should be able to click 'Save to pedal' when that list is selected to save it to your PitchFactor.