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jfirlik wrote:
Help me understand your question… if the millisecond delay times are different, they can't both be dotted 8th notes.  The beat subdivisions that appear are a factor of the tempo of the box and the delay times; If you want 375mS to be your dotted 8th, then 120bpm is the tempo you're looking for. You can set this manually by pressing the tap tempo switch and turning the encoder knob to the correct tempo.

Johnboy10 wrote:
Sorry for the confusion. I'm trying to emulate Andy Timmons delay setting. He uses a Timeline. He say the one side of the the delay is 375mS and the other is 500mS. he also says they are set to Dotted 8th notes.

Ah okay, I'm guessing he's at 120bpm then, because 375mS would be a dotted 8th and 500mS a quarter note.  In any case, you can set the times directly as milliseconds and just play at 120, or set the tempo first and then set the subdivisions in tempo mode.  If you set them as milliseconds and then switch to tempo mode, the subdivisions shown wil reflect the position of the knob and not necessarily the millisecond times you entered.