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I am using 2 amps one for wet and one for dry!!
I just spent over a thousand dollars on this unit. And followed your instuctional video on youtube to use it in wet dry mode.
Which it does not work!!! It just makes that internal digital feed back loop sound which has done damage to my pre amp valves.
Is there a problem with my pedal or not???
I want to run it correctly but no one can tell me..
H9.. 2 amps.. wet dry mode.. my set up.. does not work…
To me wet dry mode makes sense for my set up.
So why doesnt it work.
Are you able to replicate my problem
Signal path is… guitar-h9 input1-h9out1-dry amp. Then speaker out-attenuator-tap line out (not speaker out) h9in2-h9out2-second amp.
Please set that up and tell me thats the wrong application for wet dry mode.
Because in my rig the pedal generates its own internal crazy digital feedback when only in mode wet2/dry1… works fine in wet1/dry2 and stereo.