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Hello. my understanding before buying my seconf H9 was that the new H9 core BECOMES an H9 max (the first one i bought). if algos are physically transfered to the stompbox, meaning the H9core does not need to be connected to any laptop in order to behave as a H9 max, i m really wondering why when selling it (none of my intent indeed) it would suddenly come back to its former Core configuration. from my understanding this would happen if the buyer registers his “Augmented” H9 to a new account which would not be bound to any H9. Then sure it would be easy for Eventide to downgrade it to its original settings. no magic wand needed !

Now, if the H9core needs to be connected to a laptop (and even worse to a laptop with the H9max connected as well) in order to behave as an H9max that would really go against everything i have read or seen (from Eventide videos) or heard (from my retailer)

all hypothetic as i have not yet tried 🙂

all the best

great product btw 🙂


AAgnello wrote:

Correct. If you sell an H9 CORE, the buyer gets an H9 CORE.

If you sell a STANDARD, buyer gets a STANDARD (and it’s algorithms). Same for MAX.

If you have a CORE and a STANDARD, the CORE runs all of the STANDARD’s algorithms. If you sell the STANDARD, the CORE only runs the one algorithm that came with it and any algorithms that you’ve purchased independently.

We realize that this is a bit confusing but we didn’t invent it.

It’s a consequence of selling algorithms through iTunes.