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terr0rgasm wrote:

I got a Pitchfactor back in April and i absolutely love it, but there is ONE small issue i am having and would love input on fixing if possible.

I have a harmony setting where i double a 4th down and a 3rd up in the key of Bmin. The issue arises when i play a Bb note, which is the Maj7 of B and should harmonize a C# on the 3rd above, which it USUALLY does, but it sometimes harmonizes a D and warbles back and forth between D and C#… I then have to add vibrato to the string to get it to settle on the C#. 

The Maj7 is the ONLY note where the 3rd above is indecisive like this. I tried it on the Diatonic and Quadvox settings just in case one used less CPU than the other.

I've even tried doing it in Dmaj instead of Bmin since its relative, and i get the same result…. Ive had old 90's boss multi units that could do this without glitching, and they arent 1/10th as sophisticated as the pitchfactor. and yes, I made sure my guitar was in perfect tune so the pedals reads my input signal properly.

Any suggestions?

PS  (I have already updated my firmware)


Seems like you're wanting to harmonize to the sharp 7 of a minor scale.  A# doesn't strictly exist in the Bmin scale, so the pitch shifter isn't able to make a good decision.  You should try the Hmin or Mmin scale options if you want the sharp 7 to harmonize properly.  I can't remember off the top of my head which one contains the sharp 7…..I'm pretty sure it's the Harmonic minor.  Melodic minor can also have the sharp 7, but it depends more on a previous note or direction of melody.