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Eventide Staff
Thomashowardueae wrote:
Just to clarify. Input 1 from the guitar thats it.. output 1 to dry amp.. output 2 to the wet amp?

Maybe, but (there's always a but – you need to read p.30 of the latest UM). If the routing is set to WET2, the above will be correct.

Here is a more reliable approach:

1) In the system menu, set ROUTE to WET.DRY.

2) Then, the default setting for each preset will be WET1, meaning (according to the UM) "Physical Output 1 will be wet, Output 2 will be dry."

3) So, connect output 1 to the wet amp, output 2 to the dry amp..

The above assumes you are either using a MONO input or true STEREO. It does not allow other input arrangements.