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Hi, I use a morley mini expression pedal with my h9 max. In the h9 parameters I have allocated the expression pedal to the input volume (to replace a volume pedal I was using in front of the h9 before). It works well, except that it does not “remember” the value of the expression pedal (volume level) when I change preset. Then the volume is always set to the maximum value and I have to move a bit the expression pedal so that the h9 gets the the value from the expression pedal. It is a big issue for me, with unwanted peaks of volumes when changing presets.
I tried other configurations (expression pedal allocated to other parameters) and every time it behaves the same: the value of the parameter is reinitialised to the default value of the preset, it is not updated with the value corresponding to the position of the expression pedal.
Just as if the position of the expression pedal was not read when the preset is changed.

Did you notice the same for you ?

Just one precision even if I see no reason why it could be correlated to the issue: I use midi to change the presets from a midi controller (wo changing the parameter allocated to the expression pedal of course)

Thanks a lot in advance for your help!