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Pizzamonster wrote:


I just purchased an Event Processor Plus and I’m trying to use it with a Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro to change presets on the Eventide H9. My GCP is set for 4 program changes and 8 CC messages. I want to map 4 or 5 of the CC message switches to simply change presets on the H9 to go on and off. The MIDI Solutions Event Processor Plus can definitely be programmed to map CC to PC messages.

Unless you’re very familiar with Sysex, hand-coding the Event Processor Plus is not an option. Go to the MIDI Solutions site and download the Programming Tools application for the Event Processor (Plus).  Their Programming Guide under Support is essential reading, along with the Operating Instructions and Programming Examples.  Launch the program, and it’ll start up with the Clear All Settings safety valve.  If you don’t know what CC messages are being sent by the GCP, you might want to skip below at this point (to the MIDI LEARN process in the H9).


The EVP is a parallel processor; with each Setting being processed sequentially.  It’s capable of more complex routings, but I’ll stick with the simplest method here:  Map one event [Continuous Controller Number] to another [Program Change Number].  One Setting per remapped event; 32 Settings plus variables available.  The image below shows CC #16 through #19 remapped to PC #16 through #19.  Setting #4 is open for editing to illustrate.



This will convert “Value X” – the CC number – to “Value X” – the program change number.  “Value Y” from the CC message is ignored / passed through.  There is no equivalent “Value Y” data in a Program Change message.  It’s possible to convert the “Value Y” of one MIDI message to the “Value X” of another MIDI message, but could cause some problems for your particular application.

Pizzamonster wrote:

I reached out to Midi Solutions and this was their response:

If you could find out from Voodoo Labs which MIDI messages the Ground Control will be sending, and from Eventide which MIDI messages the H9 requires, I can advise how to program the Event Processor Plus to map between those messages.


Can anyone help me please?

Thank you,


I usually recommend using a dedicated MIDI Monitor application for this.  But the H9 itself can give you some basic feedback.

  • Go to the H9 System settings, then click to MIDI and RCV CTL.
  • Pick any parameter, then click 2X on the right footswitch.
  • While in LEARN mode, press the CC switches on the GCP.
  • That H9 parameter will now display the CC number sent by the GCP.
  • Repeat through the GCP switches, then reset the H9 parameter to “- – -“.

The assumption here is that the GCP and H9 are properly set up to transmit & receive, on the same MIDI channels.  As Nick said above, you can remap Program Change number positions with the H9 itself.  Or you can change PC locations in the Event Processor programming, along with MIDI channel conversions, stored variables, event sequences, range of events, scaling of that range, etc.