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Eventide Staff
stilllife wrote:

I would have bought an H9 by now but I came across this line level issue.  I want to know if I can use the H9 with my rig.  I am DAW based, and would like know in advance that I can run line outs from a Kronos, Analog Keys, and Minibrute into the H9 directly, and output the H9 to my DAW.  My DAW outputs to active monitors.  

While you say the H9 should be used only with instrument level devices, others say your documentation states it can successfully work with line level devices like synths.

So, will it work sans clipping in my setup?    

The H9 is looking for a guitar level input. It is a guitar pedal.

In practise, of course, it was designed to have headrom, and will work with some line inputs.

But, we cannot promise that it will work undistorted with whatever level it is fed. It is looking for a guitar level input. Sorry.

If you can show me any Eventide documentation that claims otherwise, I would be grateful and will get it corrected.

We are, of course, very happy for people to use our products in ways we had not envisaged, but we suspect that it is their responsibility to meet our product 's requirements in such cases.