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Eventide Staff

When I get back to the 'Tide after the holiday (our decent employers like their staff to have a modicum of rest), I'll report the maximum input level the H9 will tolerate, in both Volts and dBu.

This is made more complicated by the fact that it has a "soft clipper," at the front end, so it will need a lot of signal to actually clip, but distortion will increase when overdriven below this point.

Maybe I should give levels for 0.1%, 1% and 10% distortion. (0.1% is hi-fi, 1% is funky, 10% is nasty).

I think that once this is done, it is entirely reasonable to say that if people are not using it with a guitar, it is wholly (100%, not 10%) their responsibilty to give it the right signal level,.