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Any delay discussion worth its salt has to include dotted eighth notes and/or Golden Ratios.  (It’s the law).  This preset variation increases the THRESHOLD to lower the ‘clamping’ effect. RELEASE is short, and barely detectable as a distinct event.  There’s some hi-cut FILTER smearing the buffer sequence.

The technique:  Play short clipped notes, and the dotted 8th / 1/2 note repeats will cascade after your final input.  Legato playing – letting your notes decay – will duck the repeating phrases.  Note release after sustained input will fade into ambient waves of delay; reminiscient of reverb algos.  With little practice, it’s easy to summon up distinct repeats mixed with bursts of frozen sound.



And now on to the mandated Fibonacci numbers:  Most every parameter is tweaked to taste here.  Increased WET MIX for emphasis, and a ‘bloom’ to the Golden phrases.  Magical values for each DELAY. Both FEEDBACK controls tuned to their corresponding DELAY time.  Milder compression RATIO for a smoother blend and mix (along with a higher THRESHOLD value).  Moderate RELEASE time – well under the shortest DELAY value.  Plus a little high frequency accenting, using the FILTER.

I was going for a ‘wind chimes in the breeze’ effect.