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nuno1959 wrote:

1 –  Between the Factors in bank mode + the MIDI Mouse's CC command inability, i'm pretty much stuck regarding access to the Pitchfactor's tuner.

I think the most recent PitchFactor release allows you to load the tuner with a program change message.  The most recent H9 release does, and they're built on the same code base…  I believe it should be assigned to program change 124 by default, but you should be able to change it in the MIDI program receive map to whatever you'd like.

But you could also get a single button aux switch.  The Boss FS-5U is one single button aux switch that we know should work.

nuno1959 wrote:

2 – The Nova being my oldest FX unit, i've got my user presets set in a certain order – usually bank 1/preset 1 is the intro of a song, bank 1/preset 2 the 2nd part, so on so forth..  

My trouble is, despite reading the manual or even trying a step by step approach, the MIDI implementation of the Factors seems to me so much more comprehensive ( & complex ?) than that of the Nova's that i can't figure out what/how exactly i should be ''mapping'' the presets to  MIDI Program Changes by the MIDI Mouse – specially if i need the same Pitch Bank nº/ user preset nº in several patches – will i need to make several repeat user presets to slot in in different locations ?

There are two ways you could go about this.  

One, you could change the PitchFactor's preset list so that the presets are matched up to the incoming program change messages.  You can have the same presets in different positions, and this can be done either on the PitchFactor itself or with H9 Control.  It might be a bit easier to set this up with H9 Control.  Here's a video that gives an overview of H9 Control's preset management, and it should be helpful for setting this up:  

Two, alternatively, PitchFactor has a program change receive map.  By default program change 1 loads preset 1.  Program change 2 loads preset 2 and so on.  But you could set program change 1 to load whatever preset you'd like.  So, you could leave your presets in the order they are currently in and that the program change receive map instead.  The program change receive map can be changed on the PitchFactor itself in system mode, and it can also be changed in H9 Control if you go to Pedal / MIDI Settings / Program Change receive map.