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Hi Gk

Thanks for your input, on a sunday of all days… 😉 appreciated !!

Yes, i have the Pitchfactor connected via it’s intput one ( the mono one.. ) i have bass as selected source instrument in the Settings & all i get is as shown on the attached photo – the word TUNER & nothing i tried gets anything happening, the word just sits there, starring at me, as if mocking my frustration !!…LOL…

As soon as i get the MIDI Mouse to move to nº1 for example, the Pitchfactor changes into a bank/preset as it should & it plays fine so i can only think that maybe i selected something i shouldn’t have but can’t figure out what – plz check the photo montage i made here ( tried but this website wouldn’t upload my pic.. )


A is General Settings, B is Program Change Receive Map (124 is set as Activate the pedal ), C is MIDI settings ( receive channel set to 1.. all pedals are on same receive channel), D is the various alternatives available for Program change 124 & one can’t see it in the photo but goes up till 99

When i hit a string, the word tuner just sits there…….