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I’m exhuming this thread after almost a year, but it seems like the best place to drop this ‘happy accident’ preset.  I stumbled upon some unusual frequency shifting with the Reverse algorithm.  Yes, the one from the TimeFactor.  Yes.  It’s a delay algo.

Mostly WET MIX here (with just enough dry signal to audibly detect the source).  No DELAY time, no FEEDBACK, no FILTER, … simply working the XFADE to tune the approximate ‘tonal center’ for the frequency shift.  [Note: XFADE can get awfully glitchy when mapped to an expression pedal.  Which makes perfect sense, considering what it controls.]

Dialing in 3 mS to about 14 mS in XFADE will change which input notes are relatively consonant.  Fine-tune the XFADE range with mouse movement + CTRL / Cmd key [in H9 Control].  Glide along the fretboard / keyboard to locate the ‘root’ for any millisecond value.  The shifted sideband will move in the opposite direction of your input notes.  String bends and vibrato do the same (bend up = sideband bend down).  There’s an element of chaos in these adjustments that’s part of the charm.

From 15 mS on up, XFADE injects more tremolo effects at slowing rates, but with enveloping and vibrato / pitch shift.  From 100 mS to 200 mS … Electric Ladyland.  DEPTH MOD and SPEED work in unpredictable ways; depending on the current XFADE value.  Turning DELAY B up to several dozen milliseconds adds more modulation possibilities.