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I appreciate the expanded information, Dan.  I would’ve never thought ‘spectral aliasing’.  The sidebands come across so clear & ‘pure’ (clangorous).  If you don’t mind, can you expand on some specifics, as implemented in the Reverse algorithm?

  • The STTR window would be the XFADE value in milliseconds?  It seems to me that the signal will be reversed no matter what, but over an adjustable duration.  That is, it’s not directly related to the current DELAY time parameter values [0 mS here, but no doubt some fixed processing time].
  • Modulation appears to be hit-or-miss in this config.  Certain XFADE values can produce an irregular ‘whammy bar bump’, but only at specific SPEEDs (DEPTH MOD up, of course).  Fractional Hz. can reveal 3-4 discrete ‘pitches’.  I’d have guessed modulation injecting a predictable effect at these settings, so perhaps there are other contributing factors here?
  • Is it coincidental that the sidebands are produced in windows less than 30 mS (also commonly cited as near the threshold where human hearing perceives sounds as distinct events)?

I’m going to refrain from a discussion on XFADE values to 3 decimal places.  wink  Thank you for ‘chiming’ in here.