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guitarlesson wrote:

I could imagine many more developers could be attracted if the C++ code were placed onto Github.

I hope you consider opening the source as a serious option, and I look forward to further updates on the (hopefully continued) progress of H9 Control for Android.

That may attract people yes, but opening the source code is quite different from hiring someone from the community, who would be required to sign certain agreements.

From Eventide’s perspective, there could be the following issues with your idea:

– we don’t know what their future plans are for this application, they may want to eventually turn it into a stand alone product.

– Since Eventide earns money from the algorithms and these being purchasable through their IOS software iirc, they have a need to protect the security mechanisms programmed into the system.  Open sourcing the code may lead to all the algorithms being available for free on the Internet long before anybody bothered to make an Android app.


I had suggested to make the Android app without the ability to purchase algorithms, to reduce the risk for Eventide in creating an Android app.  I’m no specialist in such security systems, but this would seem like a concern Eventide cannot ignore.