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Yeah, that one really caught me off-guard this morning.

This is a slightly toned-down version of what I’d posted on an earlier thread (pre-H9 Control image capture capability : https://www.eventideaudio.com/comment/19627#comment-19627 ).  DELAY A + B times are mapped to the expression pedal from 15 mS to 112 mS.  Originally for drums, but it can work on most instruments with a subtle MIX.  I hear the occasional ‘riding the fader’ on the FEEDBACK.  I like to follow this kind of preset with a gate [DynaVerb OmniPressor mode] for chopping off the tails.


I’ve read where Visconti used an envelope follower to shape the pitch shifts with performance dynamics.  I believe that was part of the rare HK940 keyboard accessory?  At any rate, it’s not available in the stompbox version of the H910 H949 algorithm.  You can add that under MIDI control, or fake the modulation with an expression pedal.  Pitch A + B both mapped from 1.000 to 0.750 here.