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kenhan wrote:

jfu222 wrote:

I simply want to assign 2 – 4 switches to assigned H9 presets. 

Most of what I’ve seen online only allows to scroll +/- through presets 

Can someone please reccomend a small midi controller pedal with just two switches? 

I would like to assign 2 -4 (anything beyond four would take up too much real estate on my board) H9 presests to those stomp switches. 

Many thanks! 



I use Disaster Area DMC 4 Gen 2. 4 buttons. 2 buttons to scroll between algorithms / presets, one for mode / pedal function, and another button you can assign for tap tempo, performance switch, etc.



Thanks Kenhan. I was looking at that one but was unable to determine if I can confingure the pedal to have all four buttons assigned to a particular H9 preset. Do you know if that is possible? 


I’m trying to avoid scrolling on stage. 


Although  two buttons for scrolling and two buttons for my preferred presets would be amazing. Again, I don’t know if this pedal can be programmed that way.