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bodde wrote:

[snip] Or what is the difference between Spacetime and the ModEchoVerb (which is also a reverb+delay+modulation? Would be nice to have some more info or details.

From the on-line descriptions:

Spacetime is a chorus-like modulation effect, [then] a delay based on the Eventide Timefactor Vintage Delay and [then] a reverb based on the Eventide Space Plate and the UltraReverb plug-in.

From the Space user manual description:

ModEchoVerb is based upon a popular reverb structure from the Eventide H8000…  It feeds the output of an infinite reverb into an infinite delay and slathers on an extra helping of modulation.  Modulation choices are H3000-type swept verb, flanging or chorusing.

So the ingredients are similar but different and they’re definitely in a different order.  Also, Spacetime allows for series/parallel routing options for the dual delays and the reverb.

I can’t wait for mine!  smiley