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nickrose wrote:

I’m guessing that you have a communications problem sending stuff to the DSP4000, and it is losing or corrupting characters. This would explain all that you are seeing.

The DSP4000 is a 25 year old design, and is nowhere near as fast as a modern computer (it has an 8MHz processor, rather than 2-3000MHz), so you may just be sending stuff faster than it can handle it.

I don’t really have a solution, unless you can find a MIDI interface that is slower, or can be “throttled.” I am, alas, unaware of such a thing.

Thanks, this sounds like a plausible explanation for the problem. I’ll just stick to programming it on the screen for now.

Do you know what might have caused the other problem (the error on the DSP4000 when using the Oscillator module)? Not being able to use that module would be a bit sad.

Thanks in advance!