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breath_electric wrote:

I sort of get where the op is coming from, although the title is a bit extreme. I used to have an ehx pog2, which I loved (probably going to buy another one actually). I love my h9 for the delays, and reverbs, and flexible fine-tunability combined with an enormous pallette of possible sounds. I have never had so much fun with an expression pedal before! But…the pitchfactor portion of the pedal I struggle with a bit. I miss the surprisingly organic cello, mellotron flute, organ, etc. sounds I could get with just the octaves/filter/attack/detune settings on the ehx pedal, and with a fuzz it was just crazy, filthy, synthy heaven. I’ve found some awesome sounds lurking in the pitchfactor algos but not without a fair amount of diving, and it seems to be much better at whacked out craziness than it does at creating organic, rich sounding harmonies and textures. I enjoy making my guitar sound like anything but a guitar…my wishlist for the h9 would be almost all improved pitch algorithms for changing the timbre of a guitar to: cello, banjo, sitar, oud, flute, sax, viola, organ, synth, banjo, etc. Granted, I’m not a designer and I have no idea how difficult or possible that is, but…    


Thanks for the input Tangent! yeah I was a bit annoyed at the first instance of writing this post! Since then, yes I find the H9 extremely useful, in fact it’s now the only pedal on my board (apart from a gain pedal) and I use Voodoo Lab Ground Control to control all the presets and channel switching! I hardly use the Harmonizer section, apart from the ‘Flex’ which provides a good ‘Whammy’! I use a one octave harmonizer on one song, but yeah I think my point was valid as it call itself a Harmoizer pedal, so you’d think that would be the ‘prize’ sounds! I do love the delays, reverbs and even the flanger is pretty useful.. the Phaser Algo lacks a bit I think..