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nickrose wrote:

geido wrote:

It’s a real pity that no spillover occurs during preset change, if this feature will be implemented it would be a great achievement.

It would indeed be a great achievement, as it would mean that the box had magically doubled its power.

Thanks for the reply, I don’t know whether would be necessary to double the unit power or not. The bypassed signal during the loading process in a preset change may represent an unconvenient gap during gigs or live recordings and usually musicians complain about it. I use a sans amp bass driver deluxe (it’s the analog world btw so there’s no complex algorithm to be loaded) and no gap occurs switching among presets. I also remember few units (digital sound generators) from the nineties featuring the spillover during preset change (one was the Morpheus by EMU), and don’t think they doubled the playback power, in the sense that they didn’t let you play 2 presets at time. Don’t know if a digital sound processor is so different from a digital sound generator and I’m not a technician at all, but probably a buffer could manage the transition between the presets (?).

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