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Eventide Staff
Gav RL wrote:
I'd like to send program changes to the H9, so essentially I can partner presets for each song with the space (I.e selecting black hole preset on space loads crystals on h9 etc etc)..

The Space will not send a Program Change when you load a preset by a Program Change. We should probably change this, but the thinking was that it might confuse things further down the line, and that this should be handled by the pedalboard.

Gav RL wrote:
I want both pedals to be governed by the master midi clock being sent by ableton.

Sounds reasonable – make sure that the Space is in one of the THRU modes.

Gav RL wrote:
I want the H9 to only send out the clock data, not the program changes, as they'd send the infinity looper crazy.

You should probably deal with this by setting the looper to a different MIDI channel, so it doesn't see the Program Changes. Your ability to do this will depend on how sophisticated your pedalboard is.