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This question is something I would like to know as well.  My custom pedalboard is very compact and removing the output jacks to the H9 is difficult on the road.  There are many times when the backline is lacking and I have only one amp.  The levels are completely off in the delays in mono out with the two jacks connected.  Any workarounds for this or is this a hardware blocker? It would be great if this could be controlled via software in the unit.

janila wrote:

I don’t have the unit yet so I have some questions relating mono in – stereo out operation with guitar and one or two mono amps.

1. Relay bypass will mute the second output, right? How about DSP bypass? Can I get the dry signal from both outputs when using mono in?

2. Am I going to run into trouble if I hardwire the unit to my pedalboard so that both outputs are always connected to the H9 but I also need to use it with a single amp? Do I need to remove the second output or is there a software option for this? How would the unit sound when it detects two outputs but only left channel is really used?

3. Can I use two amps and still get both lush stereo and coherent mono versions of all the basic sounds?