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MrT wrote:
Just wondering if anyone has had trouble with using an Expression Pedal with the Flex Algorithm? I created a ‘whammy’ type effect which seemed to work fine at first but has started playing up. You can’t control the effect values with the pedal on this Algo so it is a bit of a pain configuring it. The problem is once you’ve gone back and forth on the Expression Pedal it doesn’t go back to the original note, it wavers and seems to have a mind of its own. Is this because “Mapping is not available when reading straight from the Ex Pedal”? (Which it says on the Algo control panel). It’s the only preset I’m having trouble with, all the others work brilliantly with the Expression Pedal! I do have a Y lead going into the Aux input. One output for the Expression Pedal and one to toggle the tuner. Could that be causing it? Many thanks guys m/

Tested again today and it seemed to be behaving itself! Very weird…