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Ripprock wrote:

Hello to all Eventide administraters and users. Hopefully I can get this issue cleared up so that I may continue the journey.SpaceTime is not responding to anything that I could possibly do to set it in use. Followed all possible options 3 fold. I am at a loss  I have the H9 max. H9 control is setup on Windows7 thru USB.The pedal was a restock. I see no problems with anything with the exception of SpaceTime not working. Always get an upgrade banner, go through the moves and end up right back at nothing. Keeps saying that SpaceTime is not compatible with the pedal,please upgrade the software in your H9. Does anyone have a fix for this. 

Sorry that you're having a problem. Just to be clear. You've downloaded the latest release of H9 Control and you've used H9 Control to update the software in the H9 stompbox