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I’ve been trying for the last 8 hours or so to get my new h9 to connect via bluetooth with no luck.  I have win7 64pro,  I bought the kensington (didn’t work) got the startech, and it pairs and accepts the pin, all good…. but the device isn’t listed in Devices and Printers, nor is it listed anywhere in device manger, also no yellow ? for an unknown device.  I already know it shows up there cause I’ve seen it when hooking up with a USB cable (but, sadly, there’s a ground loop there).  I’ve seen where you can set it manually with a com port, but which?  I didn’t know so I tried them all,  none of them work but enough trying and H9 control crashes.

this is already my second h9, amazon screwed up and sent me a used one first.

what else…  yeah, I’ve tried power cycling and making sure the bluetooth is on on the h9,  I’ve also gone so far as to test this on a windows tablet with win10  (all works perfectly there)

I’m at my wits end….. the joy of finally getting the holy grail of effects processors has gone away 🙁  I just want this thing to work… or be done.  is there any help?