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KCStratMan wrote:

Brock, thanks for the tip on Hotswitch programming. I am still not getting changes in Hotswitch settings to stick when I save the preset after altering parameters with the Hotswitch engaged, usually only one that I have set stays and the rest revert to their factory setting ,,,

Just now, I stumbled onto a new operation ‘Unmap from HotSwitch’.  I assume it’s new to the latest H9 Control version 2.6.0.  On a HotSwitch-assigned parameter, it’s available in the ‘Assign to X, Y, Z Switch’ and ‘Unmap from expression pedal’ menu [double-click on virtual knob].  Sure beats trying to match exact values to erase pre-programmed HotSwitch settings.

Oddly enough, the SpaceTime algorithm has me revisiting the ModEchoVerb algo.  Each one has its own unique parameter features; with advantages, and also some compromises.  Both capable of subtle to over-the-top effects.  Similar, yet different.