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petroman2015 wrote:

Well since you(eventide) state that the only reason for ilock is for software version would yall be kind enough to enlighten SWEETWATER that one MUST sign up for a ilock account as a fore warning so there isnt any confusion…I dont like’em, I use alot of VST that I have paid royally for and never have been asked to join the ranks of a software protection society, I dont believe in them and I will be returning this APP as I feel their sales staff dont have a clue when it comes to being truthful…Sorry but I dont like being told one thing and find out that you dont get told everything included that is needed for the APP to work properly..

I get where you’re coming from…  most forms of DRM forces various hassles on paying customers.

And retailers should certainly mention the fact, but then, they have tons of products to list, update and not all the employees will pay attention to spec sheets and other details.  You don’t even know if that is mentioned in the materials dealers receive.


In my considerations, I ended up weighing the usefulness of the plugin over any other concerns  🙂

Cause there is nothing like this..