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I just noticed something, I kept my bluesoleil bluetooth places window open, it shows my paired connection to the H9, its icon is blue when not connected and green when it is connected… anyhow, I kept and eye on that while trying to get h9 Control to connect to serial/com port 8,  and the icon turns green!  it’s just the h9 control still doesn’t see it.  if I try it again the program crashes.  either way, if I quit the program or it crashes the green h9 icon returns to its non-connected blue state.

also this made me think, so I tested my bluetooth dongle by connecting a controller and playing a game, works!  so at least I know that my BT device does not have to be listed in the Windows Devices and Printers!  the Bluesoleil frontend seems to be a total replacement for Windows.  now if I could somehow apply what I’ve just learned lol

another thing, I see the question asked when I google, but with no clear answer… is it possible to lift a ground on a usb cord?

thanks fpr the help by the way