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well the one that is working for me, although not with h9 control, is the startech with the bluesoleil software.  when I first installed it bluetooth wouldn’t turn on.  so I read up on that, it seems that mine has the problem that bluetooth doesn’t turn on in win7 LOL  they are on version 10 now and they want 30 dollars to update the software.  brand new dongle, really burns…. anyhow I thought I’d download it and try it.  didn’t work at all and there was a data cap on the trial.  so I uninstalled, went back to v7 and what do you know! worked! lol  well, at least it turns on and connects with all my bluetooth devices….  phone, tablet, tv, even a wii game controller… just not h9 control yet.


thanks for the usb tip!  I can see pics now in google…  I searched for this and was using bad keywords lol  I might try this today!


still really want to get BT working tho.


ok, thanks guys