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What I like best about SpaceTime is it allows me to assign my other H9’s to EQ Compressor, CrushStaton and Pichfactor without having to saciface three H9’s to the vital mod, delay, and reverb sound effects I find critical to any of my guitar sounds. Now I can stack 4 additional micro pitch and Chorus modfactors on top of SpaceTime to get crazy crazy lush sounds that melt in my ears without having to multi track or bring in other processors that would otherwise bring to much of analytic thought into the process and also colorize the sound if far to different a manager. Now I can just dial it up and go! superb!

Thanks again Eventide for wonderfully useful innovation in that little magic box – the H9! I hope to see an other uniquily 5-7 H9 specific algorithms to balance the stompbox with the with Space Modfactor, pictchfactor, timefactor, before you roll out a replace platform. But as it it, to date, I’m wonderfully pleased with my purchaces of Eventide products. My pedal board is litterally 5 H9’s, and I couldn’t be more pleased.