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lord_marius wrote:

Here is the schematic of the preset  …

That was helpful.  Using a single device, the Resonator algorithm will get you close.  You won’t have the independent Delay times and individual Feedback paths from the Eclipse.  And Delay 1-3 will alternate on Ch. 1, with Delay 2-4 on Ch. 2.  But you’ll have two kinds of Resonance, two Feedback variations, discrete bandpass filters [HP + LP] on 4 delays, plus the Rhythm control to adjust the spacing between each Delay.

One quick note:  If you drop the BPM (in Tempo mode) below 110, a 1/2 Note shifts to 1100 mS.  Strange things happen to the Delay time as you drop to lower & lower tempos.  That said, here’s a base preset that I use to construct various Delay rhythms.  It doesn’t nail the example rhythm at default settings, but it’ll get you started.  I have the expression pedal varying the Rhythm parameter from to  The HotSwitch kicks up the FB:2 level to 80.

Use the Note Grid (alternative view) to fine-tune the spacing between Delays, and the center frequency of the four ‘filters’ .  Or use the expression mapping to dial in the different Delay rhythms.  Adjust the filter Resonance to taste.  You may want to try out the FB1 variables.  They’ll give you more straightforward & predictable rhythms; FB2 being more complex (with eventual disintegration).