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stari wrote:
Setting an aux switch to the Hotknob Value – I can’t seem to select which parameters it changes. For example, if I make it so that the hotknob changes the mix, when I press the aux switch which is mapped to the  “Set Expression Pedal Value (aka Hotknob Value)”, it changes the length parameter. Any way to change which parameter it affects? 

The expression pedal mapping / HotKnob setting is saved within a preset.  Perhaps there’s another parameter already saved to the HotKnob [HOT +]?  When you dial in another HotKnob setting, you may be ‘adding’ to what’s already there?

Quick question:  Are you trying all this in the H9 Control app, or from the H9 unit itself?  It’ll help to flesh out the answer.

stari wrote:
Also, is there a way to assing the two aux switches as a toe-down and toe-up settings, so if I don’t have the expression pedal connected, I could, for example, set the left aux for a mix of 0 and and the right switch as 50?

I don’t know that you can control a single parameter with two different switches.  You can control two different parameter value positions with a single switch (momentary).  The same goes for HotSwitch / Performance Switch programming.

Perhaps you can set Mix to zero directly [Set Parameter 1] with one switch, and Mix to 50 with the other switch [using HotSwitch / Performance].  I’ll have to look into this, and get back to you.

stari wrote:
And finally, the “Set Parameter” 1, 2, etc. settings. How can I choose which parameter those change?

They’re locked into the ten parameters in each algorithm.  ‘Set Parameter 1’ is always some variation on the dry/wet Mix.  ‘Set Parameter 2’ is usually (but not always) a Channel 1 / Channel 2 mix.  Left-to-right; top-to-bottom in the H9 Control app.  One parameter for each ‘knob’, the precedent being the physical controls on ModFactor / TimeFactor / PitchFactor / Space ‘boxes.