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just a BT update, maybe it`ll be of use to some of you: I was a little concerned that my BT, which has been working beautifully ltely, would suffer some kind of implosion as I, in the same day, upgraded to Windows 10 as well as updated the firmware in my H9. Couldn`t be further from the truth. It paired up almost instantly and I have full control over my H9, even with the midi cable plugged in (that was an issue at one time). What`s it worth? Well, my amp (H&K Grandmeister) is also completely midi capable, and has it`s own app as well. I can sit at my console, across the room from either, and have both apps open on the same computer. I make adjustments on either (or both) as needed, save, and have everything I just changed turned into a one button procedure. It`s a huge time saver in the recording environment and makes things possible that would otherwise simply not happen in a live setting.


I am not using any kind of aftermarket BT dongle. In fact, I`m using the stock BT hardware in a Toshiba laptop, a brand that at one time was known to have difficulties with the H9 app.