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wannabetheedge wrote:

Hi, i just bought a BOSS ES-8 Switcher and I´m trying to figure out how to control my timefactor and space stompboxes, I´m new into midi and I have a gig tonight so I ´d appreciate any help. Thanks in advance.

Give each pedal and your switcher their own midi address in the settings menu eg

  • Switcher #1
  • Tf  #2
  • Space #3

Cable from the switcher to say the TF MIDI In and set the TF in the settings to MIDI Thru, connect a cable from the MIDI Out/Thru to the MIDI In on your space.

Build a preset on the boss and add the midi address of the pedal you want to use and  the pedal patch number to your boss preset. it is that simple.

heres a film check out around 7min. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDxleqpg8Iw

Cool switcher but using a switcher comes with its difficultys as well. If you have a fixed set list its brilliant just arrange everything sequential. We are pretty adhoc and I have 4 or 5 standard sound presets that I use and the rest is just switching everything on and off form one place. Trying it out on a gig will get you well and truly wound up before the nights out so make sure you can switch everything individually on and off in one bank.